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Booking Terms

Please read our terms and conditions of booking. These terms and conditions apply to all events.

We highly recommend booking in advance for all shows to avoid disappointment. Advance bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking. All bookings are non-refundable once made.  All events (unless communicated at time of booking.) are suitable for audiences of 18 years+.


If you think there may have been a change to your event, this website is the place to look. Any events that have been cancelled, or had a change in date, act or venue will be updated on the listings page.

If tickets have already been sent out when the event’s been rescheduled, they’ll usually be valid for the new date. The change affects everyone who booked, so you’re all in the same boat and the venue know to expect it. There’s sometimes the odd occasion where the original tickets won’t be accepted, but we’ll always be sure to let you know if that’s the case. We will make contact with all customers to advise what they’ll need to do.

If your event is cancelled, we’ll usually issue a refund automatically.  If your event is rescheduled or postponed, you will receive a system generated notification advising of new details.  Refunds must be requested within 7 calendar days from the notification date or 5 working days before the show date – whichever is the shorter.


Physical printed tickets are not required if you have an electronic ticket on your mobile device – please arrive with your whole party and present your booking name on the door to gain entry. Times of arrival are given at the time of booking. Any customers arriving after the last time of arrival may not be admitted or may be allowed entry at an appropriate time so as not to disturb any other customer’s enjoyment of the show. We reserve the right to refuse admission to latecomers and to resell any unused tickets. If you arrive late for a seated show you may be offered any remaining space and this may be standing room. If you arrive with less people than originally booked we reserve the right to reassign any unused spaces.

To make an addition to an existing booking for a show with allocated seating you must book using the same account or advise us if using a different account. Our seating plans are tailored to the needs of the venue, acts and audience for each show, therefore additions/groupings are not guaranteed.

By law our venues are entirely no smoking venue across all areas. Anyone who smokes in any part of a venue will be ejected without refund. Smoking passes may be provided for certain venues with time restrictions for re-entry, any customers returning after this point may not be admitted.

All customers regardless of age, gender or perceived status are expected to treat the venue, staff, acts and fellow customers with due respect and good manners. THIS EXTENDS TO TALKING DURING THE SHOW, WHICH WE CONSIDER TO BE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO NEARBY CUSTOMERS AS WELL AS THE ACTS PERFORMING. Any customers demonstrating aggressive or intimidating behaviour will be ejected without refund. Recording or photographing the events or artists is not permitted and may result in the confiscation of the recording device and deletion of material/images.

We reserve the right to search bags on entry and may do so at times of heightened security. Some venues require Government ID for entry, please ensure you arrive with valid photo ID.

Most of our venues have CCTV.

Please do not arrive with large holdalls, rucksacks, suitcases or oversize bags, these will not be allowed into the auditoriums, which are like theatres. Auditoriums can be crowded, and any object obstructing the walkways is a trip hazard and against fire-safety rules.

Speak to us
If at any time you see or hear anything untoward, please speak to a member of our team – we’re here to help.

Fancy dress is permitted. However, large or elaborate headgear, balloons, inflatables and flashing lights may obscure views and be annoying or distracting to other audience members so we respectfully draw the line at these and ask you to do so too. Have a nice time but please remember your fun should not be at others expense.

We reserve the right to refuse admission. Customers who arrive already intoxicated will not be permitted entry and no refund offered. Any member of your party found in possession of or found using any prohibited drugs will be asked to leave. We reserve the right to conduct bag and body searches and also to pass any relevant information to police.


Whilst we make every effort to keep line-ups as listed, line-ups may be subject to change. We will always replace any acts who for reasons outside of our control cannot play the show. Refunds are not offered for act changes. If you are planning to see one specific act in a mixed bill show please call the venue before booking and travelling to confirm the act is due to appear.

11. What to do if you or any of your party have Covid

We will continue to ensure that you have maximum flexibility by allowing the cost of your tickets to be refunded back to you (excluding booking fee) or for your ticket to be transferred to another date. – so if someone in your party is confirmed as Covid positive or has symptoms, there is no need to worry. If you are unable to attend because of Covid a £2.50 cancellation fee will apply.  We will require proof of your positive test which will need to be in the form of an official email from a test centre or a text message from the NHS

If you cannot show proof of your positive test or official isolation request tickets can only be transferred this must be done 24 hours before the start of the event for either case.

Refunds will take up to 7 days, Transfers can be for any COBO show for that calendar year.

All queries must be sent to